A new generation of STIHL Cordless Power Tools

The essential range - STIHL has it covered

STIHL cordless power tools

Cordless power tools have significant appeal. They are quiet, clean and offer complete freedom in use. But until STIHL launched its battery-powered hedge trimmers two years' ago, few cordless products had the strength or endurance to tackle serious tasks in the garden and outdoors. Now we have expanded our trend-bucking range, giving both gardeners and land owners a full choice of high-performance and long-lasting battery power tools. 

One battery powers all
Here at STIHL we like to give customers genuine value for money. And one way we achieve that is to make sure our products are enduring in use. Another is to design products that are not only great performers, but also versatile. So core to the development of our cordless range was our desire to make each product a top performer (as our customers would expect from STIHL), and our commitment that each tool could be powered by the same, reliable and long-lasting battery – so our customers could make the most of their impressive power source. And that's just what we have done.

The new cordless power tools all use the same advanced Lithium-Ion batteries, so once you have finished trimming the hedge you can simply re-charge and get on with grass trimming or leaf blowing, and even cut up a few logs. The impressive Lithium-ion batteries can be charged and partially re-charged several hundred times without any significant loss of capacity; and of course with a battery powered tool there is minimal maintenance and no engine servicing required, so they are absolute simplicity and cost-effective in use.  

A great choice and some great deals
Five essential garden power tools are included in the newly extended range, with a choice of two grass trimmers and hedge trimmers, a leaf blower and chainsaw. We also offer a choice of two chargers and two batteries; both batteries with the power to drive each of the tools but giving you the opportunity to decide for how long.  

Why not visit your local STIHL SHOP™ or STIHL Stockist for advice and guidance on the best tool and battery combination for your garden. Or see below for details on the complete cordless range. 

Happy gardening!


Cordless Hedgetrimmers

STIHL has combined three high-performance features in one : a powerful 36 V lithium ion battery, a high stroke rate and long, diamond-finished special cutters with impressive cutting capacity. Choose from the HSA 65 or HSA 85 cordless hedgetrimmers.

Cordless Linetrimmers

Cordless Linetrimmers

The ideal tools for all situations where noise and emissions are not wanted - for local garden maintenance, or close to hospitals, cemeteries and nursery schools. The new FSA 65 and FSA 85 are a mobile, quiet and powerful means of keeping grass under control.

Cordless Chainsaw

Cordless Chainsaw

The STIHL MSA 160 C-BQ is our first 36 V cordless chainsaw. The combination of the low wearing brushless electronically controlled electric motor (EC) and the impressive 160 Wh, AP 160 lithium-ion battery generate impressive power to allow up to 150 cross cuts in 10x10cm² spruce timber.


Cordless Blower

For those that don't want to annoy their neighbours, STIHL offers a high performance 36V lithium-ion battery blower. Mobile, quiet, powerful and just right for use in noise-sensitive areas such as schools, community gardens and hospitals.


Batteries and Chargers

Choose from the high performance 120 / 180 Wh lithium-ion batteries, as well as the AL 300 quick charger. The two available 36 V batteries and charger are compatible with all cordless power tools.

Accu system Lose the cord - not the power

New STIHL Cordless equipment makes it easier for you to get out on the job andaway from the socket.

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