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Technical details

Air intake volume4500 l/min
Container capacity42 l


The STIHL SE 133 ME wet and dry vacuum cleaner is a robust tool designed for demanding professional cleaning tasks with high dust loads. It holds a certification for dust class M, thanks to its nano-coated flat pleated filter and the consistently high airspeed it maintains. If the airspeed drops below 20 m/s during operation, the vacuum alerts the user through a combination of light and acoustic signals.

To boost its filtration efficiency, the vacuum cleaner utilizes a dual-filter system, incorporating both a fleece filter element and a fleece filter bag. A useful feature is the automatic suction with an automatic switch-on function, enabling a direct connection of electric power tools such as drills to the vacuum cleaner's socket. This ensures that dust generated during work is immediately and effectively captured, preventing it from spreading into the surrounding environment.

You have precise control over the vacuum cleaner's operation with its variable speed control and automatic volume flow monitoring, ensuring optimal performance. The STIHL SE 133 ME maintains a consistently high level of suction power and includes automatic filter cleaning for hassle-free maintenance.

Additional user-friendly features include a Sortimo-compatible tool box holder for secure tool storage and quick access. The vacuum cleaner's stainless steel handle with a quick-release coupling makes attaching and removing the suction hose a breeze. Plus, connecting the hose is made simple with an anti-static adapter.

SE 133 ME

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