New STIHL MS 241 C-M chainsaw

The compact professional, packed with innovations and ready to go

New STIHL MS 241 C-M chainsaw

STIHL is known worldwide for its innovations. Particularly in the chainsaw sector, where it has led the way for many years. Now proving the point, its new MS 241 C-M chainsaw is packed with innovations that make work in the woods an absolute breeze. 

"It's what forest workers have been waiting for". So says the glossy brochure on the new MS 241 C-M chainsaw from STIHL. And behind its smooth exterior, the chainsaw certainly delivers. The advanced 2-MIX engine is eco-friendly and economically efficient; and when it comes to performance it also delivers excellent drive power, responsive pick-up and plenty of torque. The engine also features innovative M-Tronic technology - a fully electronic engine management system that means the engine is effectively self-tuning and always raring to go, whatever the conditions. 

A new long-life air filter system with newly developed air filter is extremely efficient. So efficient in fact that the air filter lasts up to five times as long as its predecessor. And when the filter does need changing or cleaning, the saw's smooth one-piece shroud is simply removed with three quick release locks. Another simple maintenance feature, when it comes to changing the guide bar or removing the chain, the sprocket cover nuts on the side of the machine are now captive – so they will not come off (or get lost in the woods). It's a seemingly small detail that will make a big difference in use.

Working with the new chainsaw is an absolute delight. Start-ups are simpler than ever, thanks to clever electronics that mean you don't need to switch between warm and cold start. And once the chainsaw is running it's very pleasant to work with, thanks to a professional anti-vibration system that reduces vibrations to just 2.9 m/s2. That means you can work comfortably with the chainsaw throughout a normal 8-hour day.  

The STIHL MS 241 C-M chainsaw is ideal for conifers and thinning and harvesting tasks. The popular STIHL Rapid Super Comfort saw chain fitted as standard is characterised by low vibrations plus high cutting and boring performance, so it makes quick and clean work of removing unwanted growth in young stands. No wonder STIHL says its new MS 241 C-M chainsaw is what forest workers have been waiting for!

The MS 241 C-M chainsaw is in stock and available from STIHL Approved Dealers now. For full product specification and retail price information visit the MS 241 C-M product page, or speak to your local Approved Dealer.