The best just got better:

the new STIHL MS 261 chainsaw is here!

The best just got better: the new STIHL MS 261 chainsaw is here!

It is regarded as a classic among professionals, and indeed the STIHL MS 260 has long been one of New Zealand's most popular forestry chain saws – ideal for thinning work, harvesting small-sized timber and logging in medium stands. Now the best just got better with the arrival of its successor: the new STIHL MS 261 is here!

Extra power, enhanced features and even greater comfort and practicality in use are all tangible benefits set to make the new STIHL MS 261 yet another legendary chainsaw.
At 2.8 kW it delivers a significant 7.6 per cent more power than its predecessor. And that power is not wasted. It is translated into higher torque, delivered over a wide range of speeds – and that means better lugging and limbing performance and greater productivity.

The advanced STIHL 2 MIX engine ensures both operating economy and great eco-efficiency and users will value the reduction in fuel consumption and thus reduced running costs. Gentler on the environment as well as on the pocket, the new MS 261 chainsaw also reduces emissions - by more than 50% compared to its predecessor, and it easily complies with the strict EU II exhaust emission standard in force next year.

STIHL has, as ever, focussed on the needs of its users with this model as well as with its performance in use. Great practicality comes from new features like the captive nuts on the sprocket cover – a seemingly small detail that will make a significant difference to users. Making their debut on the STIHL MS 261*, the new, patented captive nuts will neither come off nor get lost when the sprocket cover is removed when the guide bar or chain need attention or to be changed.

More practical features include the new model's long life air filter system with cyclone pre-separation, which extends filter life by up to five times compared to the previous model. Combine that with its new and very efficient HD2 filter, with its quick-release cartridge design, and a new single-piece shroud with just three quick-release locks to do up or undo, and maintenance is not only less frequent but easier to do.

Excellent performance, great efficiency and low maintenance: the STIHL MS 261 is not only satisfying to use, it is easy to operate and comfortable too. The high standard anti-vibration system for example, coupled with the low-vibration Rapid Super Comfort saw chain fitted as standard, keep vibration impressively low. That improves comfort in use whilst retaining the machine's excellent guidance and control behaviour. At 3.5 m/s² the low vibration level also means users can work comfortably throughout the course of an 8-hour day, and remain within EU vibration limits.

The STIHL MS 261 is available as a standard version or with additional Comfort features (model MS 261 C-BE) including tool-free quick chain tensioning and the easy-starting STIHL ErgoStart system. It is also available with a heated carburettor and handle (MS 261-VW) for use in cold conditions, and each version is available with a choice of four guide bar lengths: 32cm, 37cm, 40cm, 45cm.

Available now from STIHL Approved Dealers, the new STIHL MS 261 chainsaw is set to become yet another legend from STIHL. To find local Approved Dealers visit the ‘Where to Buy' page, enter your postcode and check for the chainsaw icon.

N.B. * Excludes model MS 261 C-BE