Battery care and maintenance

Everything you need to know about Lithium-ion Batteries: Charging, storage and more

A STIHL AS 2 battery charging in a STIHL charger

battery life and charging times

Find out everything you need to know about the battery life and charging times of our STIHL cordless power tools.
STIHL battery life and charging times
AK-Series lithium-ion batteries charging alongside STIHL gloves and tools

Charging lithium-ion batteries

We address concerns such as overheating, over charging and what you need to be aware of.
How to charge batteries
A lithium-ion battery and charger on a shelf

How to store lithium-ion batteries

Correct handling of your lithium-ion battery is crucial to a long service life. So it’s worth knowing the ideal storage and care procedures.
How to store batteries
Close-up of the battery in a STIHL BGA 57 cordless blower

Memory effect in Batteries

There is a common belief that rechargeable batteries are affected by the "memory effect". We clarify why it’s no longer a concern and why you can rely on STIHL lithium-ion batteries.
The Memory Effect

Battery development at STIHL

STIHL has been actively developing batteries for more than 10 years. The technology is booming today and battery-powered devices are more popular than ever before. At STIHL, this has opened up completely new fields of activity for experts such as electrical engineers, software developers, and IT specialists.