Warning about imitation and counterfeit products

Brand and product piracy: Imitation products are a major risk

Buyer beware: apparent bargains often turn out to be more expensive in the long run, because just as the price of counterfeit saws is reduced, so too is their service life, performance, and most importantly, safety. But in fact, counterfeit items are not always offered at discount prices, and have only a slightly lower price than genuine products in many cases – this is to underline the impression that you are being offered genuine STIHL products.

Imitation goods are a major safety risk
While STIHL products are distinguished by features that meet strict quality and safety standards, imitation products have no such safeguards. Often, these substandard power tools are only operational for a short time and can then not be repaired due to a lack of spare parts. In addition, their safety-specific equipment may be defective or missing entirely. For example, in one instance of investigating a counterfeit chainsaw, the hand guard for the automatic chain brake – the most important safety device in a chainsaw – broke off during unpacking.

STIHL chainsaws in particular have been targeted by counterfeiters. These plagiarised goods come mainly from China and look similar to genuine STIHL products, particularly in terms of their orange and light grey colouring. Buyers are further deceived by the attachment of counterfeit labels displaying the STIHL brand as well as, in some cases, the use of known model designations such as MS 440. Apart from the colours and stated model designation, these chainsaws bear no relation to genuine STIHL saws.

How can you protect yourself?

Street trading, flea market purchases and car boot sales in particular are always reliable sites for counterfeit, substandard and risky products. Similar suspicion should be applied when new products are offered online. STIHL sells its products exclusively via authorised dealers, thereby guaranteeing that the products are genuine and that expert service and advice are provided. At your STIHL dealer you can be certain that you are not buying any cheap replicas, but always taking home 100% STIHL quality.

In case of doubt, please contact your dealer. We will be happy to answer any questions – please contact us at info@stihl.de.