Committed to your safety

At STIHL, we're committed to helping you stay safe at work. We have a range of personal protective equipment to keep you protected from head to toe and take a look at our information on protecting your health as you work below.

Stay protected from head to toe

STIHL personal protective equipment is designed to give you peace of mind in your day-to-day work – in the forest, on construction sites, and in gardening and landscaping applications. It features hard-wearing materials and thoughtful design details to keep you comfortable and protected. 

Forestry worker wearing STIHL protective clothing with Dynamic Vent trousers (cut protection class 1) sawing trees in the forest with a STIHL chainsaw


Appropriate protective clothing is essential when using a chainsaw to reduce the risk of injury.

Protect your health while you work 

Our articles on ear protection and dust classes will tell you how to protect yourself while you work in order to safeguard your health as effectively as possible. 

STIHL Approved Dealers - Helping you get the job done

STIHL Approved Dealers are your partners when it comes to choosing the right STIHL tool for you. Their expertise and experience mean they can support you in selecting the best tools for the job, and offer you top-notch customer service and maintenance. Find a STIHL dealer near you and see for yourself!

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