Chainsaw protection: PPE for increased safety

Appropriate protective clothing is essential when using a chainsaw to reduce the risk of injury.

A forestry worker in STIHL protective clothing sawing wood in the forest with a STIHL chainsaw

How chainsaw protective clothing works

All work clothing with cut protection generally follows the same principle, based on a need to impede the moving chain of the chainsaw in the event of accidental contact with the user’s body. STIHL chainsaw protective trousers, gloves and arm protection do this using special, high-tech fibres; these fibres are arranged in multiple smooth layers and covered by the outer surface of the clothing. If a saw chain comes into contact with the clothing, it catches and pulls out the fibres in an instant, then the long threads wrap around the drive sprocket and quickly stop the chainsaw.


Safety should always be a priority when working with power tools. This should begin by using correct working methods, whilst also using high quality equipment and the appropriate protective safety clothing. At STIHL, we take safety very seriously so can be assured of effective protection while working with a chainsaw.

STIHL chainsaw protective clothing is tested by the very prestigious European SMP or KWF testing institutes. That is why you can be confident that any STIHL cut protective clothing will offer reliable, rigorously tested protection. In these standardised tests, the saw chain meets the protective inlay at a specified chain speed and must only cut through the inlay; the inner lining of the cut protection trousers must be completely undamaged.

Icon showing washable at 60 degrees


Even if it's is not directly taking any impact, chainsaw protection clothing is constantly exposed to dirt. The best way to care for your chainsaw clothing is as follows:

  • Machine wash at no more than 60 degrees Celsius and spin at 400 rotations per minute or less.
  • Do not bleach, do not use chemical cleaners.
  • Do not wash chainsaw protection products inside out.
  • Close Velcro and zip closures before washing.
  • Use mild detergent, but do not use fabric softener.
  • Air dry after washing on a flat surface - do not hang from a line. 
  • Iron at a low temperature to reactivate the dirt- and water-resistance in the outer layer.
  • Store clothing in a dry, dark place, ensuring it is thoroughly clean.

Summary: chainsaw protection

  • STIHL offers a range of chainsaw protective clothing
  • Always wear personal protective equipment when working with tools, as directed in your operating instructions, and be sure to check the sizing guide

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