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The STIHL MS 194 T is a Top-Handle petrol chainsaw designed for arborists. It excels in various maintenance tasks, effortlessly handling activities such as deadwood removal, pruning, and full tree removals. Arborists will find its compact design and lightweight build particularly beneficial, enabling efficient operation even in confined spaces.

Powered by the robust STIHL 2-MIX engine, it delivers impressive cutting power while being fuel-efficient. The STIHL PICCO Super 3 chain enables precise cuts and fine work with low kickback, while the STIHL Ematic system ensures efficient oil supply to the bar and chain, optimizing oil usage for effective work. Additionally, a fold-out hook simplifies attaching the suspension cable when lowering and securing the chainsaw.

The extensive advantages of this chainsaw extend to the STIHL anti-vibration system, which effectively dampens vibrations from both the engine and the power tool, safeguarding your muscles and joints during operation.

Please note that this specialized chainsaw is exclusively intended for use by trained tree maintenance specialists. Operating this tool without proper training can pose a serious risk of injury.

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