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Technical details

ToolPick tines
Width22 cm
Weight4.1 kg
Overall length100 cm


The STIHL BF-KM garden tiller, which has a total length of 100 cm, is compatible with all STIHL CombiEngines. This tool simplifies various garden maintenance tasks. When you're looking to add a new garden bed bed or redesign parts of your garden, it's often necessary to loosen the soil. This garden tiller is great for hobby gardeners but can also be used in professional horticulture applications, especially when dealing with smaller areas.

The BF-KM pick tine CombiTool allows you to efficiently chop and loosen hard or dense soils. Additionally, it's equally well-suited for aerating and cultivating subsoils. While in operation, a splash guard is in place to catch soil particles. With a working width of just 22 cm, this tool is maneuverable in narrow spaces, enabling you to reach areas that are typically hard to access.

The BF-KM pick tine CombiTool can be used with all CombiEngines.

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