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The STIHL TS 440 petrol cut-off machine is perfect for professionals in construction and engineering. It effortlessly handles tasks like cutting concrete, stone, asphalt, structural steel, and pipes, due to its 350 mm cutting wheel.

The guard opens so that the cutting wheel is accessible from the top, allowing for efficient use in tight spaces, like cutting pipes, corners, and walls. For safety, it has the STIHL QuickStop cutting wheel brake that stops the wheel instantly in case of a strong kickback.

Powered by the high-performance STIHL 2-MIX engine and a two-level belt drive, it ensures strong engine power for demanding cutting jobs. Starting is made easier with the optional STIHL ElastoStart function and decompression valve, reducing the effort needed.

The ergonomic handle design and STIHL anti-vibration system protect your muscles and joints while you work. It has an electronic water control system for optimal cooling and dust control, and the long-life air filter system makes maintenance hassle-free.

This Concrete Saw comes with a Composite Cutting Wheel as standard, a Diamond Cutting Wheel is not included.

TS 440

Technical details

Weight11,1 kg 1)
Displacement66.7 cc
Power output3.2/4.4 kW/bhp

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