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The STIHL GHE 355 multi-shredder is a powerful tool designed for shredding various types of garden waste. It features the BRS blade rotation reverse system for efficient performance. You can easily adjust the blade unit to match the material you're working with using the rotary switch. When set to rotate clockwise, it efficiently shreds woody materials like branches up to 35 mm thick into small wood chips. Turning it anti-clockwise reliably shreds soft plant waste into valuable compostable material, which can be used as organic fertilizer in your garden.

The GHE 355 electric shredder features a soundproofed feed chute that can handle cuttings with side shoots. It guides them into the sandwich-style blade unit, which has extra blades and tearing prongs for efficient shredding. Its wide wheelbase ensures easy off-road transportation and stability during garden maintenance. For safety, an electromagnetic lock prevents the shredder from accidentally starting during maintenance work.

GHE 355

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