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BGA 45 with integrated battery

The STIHL BGA 45 cordless blower is incredibly convenient and is always ready to be used. With its lightweight design, weighing only 2.2 kg, it's easy for individual users to handle and maneuver. This makes it an ideal tool for swiftly clearing dry leaves and light debris, especially in small spaces and residential areas. Additionally, the STIHL BGA 45 operates quietly, making it suitable for noise-sensitive environments. Its soft handle ensures a comfortable grip, complementing its compact and ergonomic design. The handle also integrates the trigger switch and trigger lockout, ensuring smooth and controlled operation.

Monitoring the battery's charge status is made easy with the charge-level indicator on the STIHL BGA 45 blower. For recharging, a dedicated charging cable is provided.

The BGA 45 cordless blower includes an activation key, necessary for device operation. This key must be inserted into the designated key socket. For safety reasons, it should be removed during transportation, maintenance, repairs, and storage.

BGA 45

Technical details

Max. air speed44 m/s
Rated voltage18 V

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