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Ultra high-performance professional blower

The STIHL BR 700 petrol blower is a powerful tool specifically designed to assist garden and landscape maintenance professionals in efficiently clearing extensive areas of leaves, lawn clippings, hedge trimmings, and debris. It harnesses the robust engine power of the STIHL 4-MIX® engine. The blower is configured in a backpack style, featuring a single-hand multi-function handle conveniently placed on the blower tube. This design enables intuitive and reliable control of all operational functions. The length of the blower tube is easily adjustable, allowing you to adapt it to your height or the particular cleaning task you're tackling. The handle position can also be adjusted effortlessly, without requiring additional tools. The inclusion of a locking throttle lever equipped with a stop button empowers you to set and secure the engine power at your preferred level. With a simple push of a button, the backpack leaf blower can be stopped and immediately reactivated for use. For tasks that necessitate close-to-ground work across expansive areas, the standard round nozzle can be swapped out for an optional curved flat nozzle.

The comfort of the user has been a focal point in the design of the BR 700 backpack petrol blower. The incorporation of extra-wide shoulder straps, breathable backrest padding, and a hip belt within the carrying system ensures a comfortable experience during prolonged usage. For added stability, the optional STIHL ADVANCE chest strap can be used. Furthermore, the STIHL anti-vibration system contributes to user comfort by reducing strain on muscles and joints. This comprehensive design approach prioritizes user ease and efficiency during operation.

BR 700

Technical details

Air throughput1860 m³/h 1)
Weight10.7 kg 2)
Air speed with round nozzle74 m/s
Air throughput without nozzle1550 m³/h 3)
Displacement64.8 cm³

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