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The STIHL FSA 57 cordless line trimmer is a powerful tool that excels at efficiently trimming smaller lawns and lawn edges. Powered by a STIHL AK-System battery, its electric motor ensures quiet operation, making it perfect for noise-sensitive environments such as residential areas and home gardens.

Designed with user comfort in mind, this cordless brushcutter offers adjustable features. The shaft length can be easily adjusted using a button, and the loop handle can be adapted without requiring any tools. The softgrip handle with a control lever not only provides a comfortable grip but also helps to reduce vibrations. Additionally, the trimmer includes a spacer bracket that can be folded up or down, allowing for precise trimming around trees, shrubs, and other objects. The FSA 57 comes with a STIHL AutoCut C 3-2 line mowing head that can be refilled easily with a prefilled spool.

FSA 57

Technical details

Weight2.7 kg 1)
Rated voltage36 V
Mowing Head TypeAutoCut C3-2

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