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Versatile Mistblower Sprayer

The STIHL SR 450 backpack mistblower is a versatile tool designed to provide fruit growers, winemakers, and farmers with an efficient means of spraying liquids, granules, or seeds for optimal plant care. Its 2-in-1 conversion mechanism allows for seamless transition into dusting applications, enhancing its adaptability.

This compact mistblower, weighing just 12.8 kg, is ergonomically designed to be comfortably carried on your back, making it a favored choice for professionals in gardening and landscaping. The STIHL 2-MIX engine and the conveniently located spraying agent supply valve can be operated single-handedly, courtesy of the user-friendly multi-function handle.

Starting the STIHL SR 450 petrol power sprayer is effortless, due to STIHL ElastoStart, one-time choke control, and a manual fuel pump, ensuring quick starts even in cold conditions. The mistblower's adaptability extends to its spray jet, which can be customized in shape and direction using the three standard cone, deflection, and double deflection meshes.

With a transparent 14-liter spray agent tank featuring a large filler opening and a protective collar, refilling is hassle-free. The STIHL anti-vibration system prioritizes your comfort while protecting your muscles and joints during operation. Additionally, the air filter system, equipped with a pleated paper filter, guarantees extended service intervals.

SR 450


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Technical details

Displacement63.3 cm³
Weight12.7 kg 1)
Container capacity14 dm³
Max. airflow rate1300 m³/h 2)
Max. horizontal spray range14.5 m

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