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Technical details

Air intake volume3600 l/min
Container capacity20 l

STIHL SE 62 Electric Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The STIHL SE 62 electric wet and dry vacuum cleaner is a versatile tool for professional cleaning tasks in workshops, cleaning services, and industrial settings. It can be used to clean up dust, dirt, and liquids both indoors and outdoors.

The vacuum cleaner has a blower function that can be used to remove hard-to-reach dust from cracks and corners. To switch to blowing mode, simply move the suction tube to the exhaust air connection.

The hand tube is easy to connect to the vacuum cleaner via a quick-release coupling. It comes with three interchangeable nozzles: a combination floor nozzle, a universal suction nozzle, and a crevice nozzle. These nozzles allow you to use the vacuum cleaner for a wide range of applications.

The dirt is collected in a 20-liter container and is passed through a multiple filter system consisting of a paper filter element and a fleece filter bag. This ensures consistently high suction force and makes the vacuum cleaner easy to maintain.

To clean the filter, close the intake nozzle at the end of the suction hose and press a button to start the filter cleaning process. The practical suction tube holder allows you to store all the accessories including the floor nozzle, directly on the STIHL SE 62 vacuum cleaner.

SE 62

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