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Electric Water Blaster RE 125

The STIHL RE 125 X is a compact and hand-held Water Blaster, making it exceptionally easy to store. This convenient design allows it to fit seamlessly onto a shelf, in a cupboard, or in a vehicle for transportation. The RE 125 X is built for durability and offers top-notch performance, making it perfect for tackling demanding cleaning tasks in and around your home and garden.

Equipped with three versatile attachments, this Water Blaster meets all your cleaning requirements. The rotary nozzle is excellent for precise and concentrated cleaning, while the adjustable fan jet nozzle quickly cleans larger areas. Additionally, the included detergent spray bottle ensures you apply just the right amount of detergent for effective cleaning. With a robust 8m steel-braided hose, you have the reach you need for various cleaning tasks.

Technical details

Rated voltage230-240 V
Weight16.4 kg 1)

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