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For water distribution and transportation

The STIHL WP 600 water pump is a robust and efficient pump tailored for substantial water transportation needs. It's ideal for agricultural applications, enabling you to transport water from lakes, rivers, wells, or water reservoirs, and effectively managing excess water accumulation. The WP 600 stands out with remarkable capabilities, including a maximum suction height of up to 7 m, a total head reach of up to 31 m, and an impressive maximum output of 1,050 l/min. The WP 600 is driven by a powerful 4-stroke petrol engine, making it easy to start even in cold conditions with a straightforward choke operation.

Equipped with a robust frame which provides stability on various surfaces, simultaneously protecting the engine from potential damage. Connecting hoses is hassle-free thanks to the 3" connections at the filler and outlet openings, secured with clamps. Additionally, the STIHL WP 600 water pump features a suction strainer that prevents water contamination, capable of accommodating particle sizes up to a maximum grain size of 6 mm without causing any pump clogs.

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