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The STIHL WP 900 water pump is designed for efficient handling of large water volumes. Whether you require water extraction from lakes, rivers, ditches, or ponds, especially for agricultural needs or excess water removal, this water pump is the perfect choice. This robust pump delivers a maximum flow rate of 1,567 liters per minute, can pull water from heights up to 6.5 meters, and offers a total head capability of up to 34 meters.

The STIHL WP 900 is driven by a powerful 4-stroke petrol engine, ensuring reliability for demanding tasks. Its user-friendly design incorporates a one-time choke operation for a simplified startup.

Built on a sturdy frame, this self-priming water pump stands securely on various surfaces, while protecting the engine from potential damage. Connecting hoses to the intake and outlet openings with 4" connectors is a breeze thanks to the included clamps. The pump's suction basket is highly efficient at preventing contamination by dirt particles, as it can handle particles up to a maximum size of 6 mm, significantly reducing the risk of clogging.

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