STIHL hedge trimmers and long reach hedge trimmers

For better results

For better results: STIHL hedgetrimmers and long reach hedgetrimmers
STIHL hedgetrimmers and long reach hedgetrimmers help you to get any hedge and shrub into shape. Whether you are a professional landscaper or a garden owner, you will find the right machine for every job in our extensive range.

Light and racy: The powerful petrol hedgetrimmers

Petrol hedge trimmers show their strengths in park and landscape maintenance …

Quiet, clean and powerful electric hedge trimmers

With our clean, quiet electric hedge trimmers you will always keep your hedges in good shape.

You can tackle anything with these: The petrol long reach hedge trimmers

Petrol long reach hedge trimmers get tall, long or extra-wide hedges anywhere into shape effortlessly …

Long and quiet: Electric long reach hedge trimmers

STIHL electric long reach hedge trimmers are the specialists for maintaining wide or tall hedges close to buildings ...

Hedge maintenance tips

STIHL has put together some helpful hedge maintenance tips for you ...