The new Rapid Duro 3 carbide-tipped saw chain

Ideal for the toughest jobs

The new Rapid Duro 3 carbide-tipped saw chain

The advantages of the new Rapid Duro 3 carbide-tipped saw chain at a glance.

Sharper for longer

Good as gold

Reduced kickback

Leading the way

Low vibration levels

Improved STIHL Oilomatic lubrication system

Original STIHL saw chains: superior quality for peak performance

  • Quality STIHL development: STIHL is the only chain saw manufacturer in the world that also develops its own saw chains and guide bars. This means that the three components are guaranteed to match each other perfectly.
  • Quality STIHL production: STIHL saw chains are manufactured with Swiss precision in our STIHL factory in Wil, Switzerland. They are made using special machines that have also been developed and manufactured by STIHL.
  • Super cutting performance: STIHL saw chains not only deliver outstanding cutting performance on STIHL chain saws, but are also excellent on chain saws from other manufacturers.
Original STIHL Swiss Made Original STIHL Swiss Made

Swiss quality: STIHL saw chains are characterized by technical innovations and high manufacturing quality.

STIHL Saw Chains STIHL Saw Chains

Choosing the right saw chain is essential for effective use of a chain saw.

Saw chain types