Preparing the machine and your working environment

Preparing your working area

Before handling your Brushcutter you need to make sure the working area is safe. It is also essential to read the Instruction Manual and follow the safety precautions it contains.

Preparing the machine and your working environment

  • Brushcutters produce toxic exhaust fumes as soon as the engine starts running. These gases may be odourless and invisible. Never use your power tool in an enclosed or poorly ventilated space. Always make sure there is adequate ventilation.
  • Check the floor of your workplace. Remember there is a risk of slipping on wet surfaces, uneven terrain or on freshly stripped wood (bark). Watch out for obstacles: take care not to trip over tree stumps or roots!
  • If anyone else is nearby, especially children, keep them at a safe distance. Ensure that there is no-one within 15 meters, otherwise they may be injured by flying objects. Keep the same distance from objects such as vehicles or windows to avoid damaging property.
  • Check that the Brushcutter is in correct working order. Please read the relevant chapter of your Instruction Manual:
    • The combination of cutting attachment, guard, handle and harness must be a permissible combination and all the parts must be correctly installed.
    • The master control/stop switch must move easily to STOP or 0.
    • The throttle trigger lockout (if installed) and throttle trigger must move easily and the throttle trigger must return to the idle position automatically.
    • Check that the spark plug boot is firmly seated. If it is loose, sparks may occur which could ignite the fuel/air mix as it is delivered, causing a fire hazard.
    • The cutting tool or attachment must be fitted correctly, secure and in perfect condition.
    • Examine protective devices (e.g. cutting tool guard, rider plate) for any signs of damage or wear. Replace any defective parts. Never use the machine if the guard is damaged or if the rider plate is worn (if the lettering and the arrow are no longer clearly visible).
    • Never attempt to modify the controls or safety devices.
    • Keep the handles dry and clean - free from oil and pitch - for safe control of the machine.
    • Adjust the harness and handle(s) to suit your height.


Once you have refuelled your STIHL brushcutter you can start it up.

In your own interest you should observe the following safety instructions with regard to your starting location:

  • Always move at least 3 metres away from the refuelling location.
  • Check your working area for any obstacles (such as branches) and look at its condition. Always have an escape route available for emergencies. Slippery, uneven or icy surfaces can be hazardous and therefore should be avoided.
  • Also make sure there is no-one nearby. However, you should never work alone and you should always ensure that someone else - who can help in an emergency - is within a close distance. 

Once you have observed these precautions, you can start your brushcutter: Starting Process.