Quiet, clean and powerful:

electric hedge trimmers

Quiet, clean and powerful electric hedge trimmers

For work around the home, in the garden or in noise-sensitive areas, with our clean, quiet, electric hedge trimmers you will always keep your hedges in good shape. This powerful line of machines can cut everything from thin twigs to thicker branches. And they're really convenient and easy to use. Our motto is: Just plug in and go!

Clean and quiet: electric hedge trimmers

Clean and quiet: electric hedge trimmers

The lightweight STIHL HSE 51 model is ideal for trimming twigs and thin branches.

The top model, the powerful STIHL HSE 71, can effectively tackle even very woody hedges.

Advantages of electric hedge trimmers

  • Quiet: Our electric hedge trimmers help you get your hedges into shape – even in noise-sensitive areas.
  • Power supply: Do all those jobs close to the building without having to refuel.
  • Rotary handle: The five-position adjustable rotary handle with integral armrest promotes precision cutting in comfort in virtually any position (HSE 61 and HSE 71 only).
  • 3-way trigger system: STIHL HSE 61 and  HSE 71 electric hedge trimmers are equipped with a practical 3-way trigger system to extend their range.
  • Laser-cut blades: diamond-ground. The hardened cutting edges are high-strength and remain sharp for a long time.