, 04/01/2011

Say farewell to unwanted foilage

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Product Alert SH56

While they may be beautiful on trees, autumn leaves don't need to make a mess of your garden.  STHIL's eco-friendly ShredderVac with ErgoStart will lighten your workload, and put an end to the dreary task of sweeping up leaves and grass cuttings this season.

For your ease the ShredderVac converts from a handheld gas leaf blower to an efficient and effective outdoor vacuum and then reduces and bags your garden waste with its specially designed shredder blade.

The blower wheel on the STIHL SH 56 vacuum shredder is so efficient that dry leaves are reduced to a mere fraction of their original size, ready for the compost heap straight away.

The 27.2cc low emission engine has all the power you need while using 20 per cent less fuel than previous models. Its engine is also ultra-quiet letting you work without disturbing the neighbours or frightening your pets.

With STHIL's ErgoStart system you can expect a smooth easy start every time. The new semi-automatic choke and stop switch virtually eliminates flooding of the engine by resetting controls to the starting position in preparation for the next start.

Its light weight and low level vibration make for comfortable working, even when using on those crisp autumn mornings.

SH 56 ShredderVac– RRP $645.00

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