, 10/31/2011


Just as we rely on the best household technology to be cordless, the same can now be expected from our favourite gardening tools. 

STIHL has worked hard to ensure this requirement is not only met but exceeded with its new, high performance, Cordless range that unites power and speed with comfort and mobility.

The STIHL Cordless range includes a chainsaw, linetrimmers, hedgetrimmers and a blower. All are mobile, lightweight, powerful and chargeable via battery; forming the best solution to a multitude of outdoor chores.

Furthermore, the STIHL Cordless range is easy to use, requiring no mixing of fuel. With a simple pull of the trigger, they're up and running - moving around the back yard quickly and easily, with no cable to get in the way.

An advanced 36V Lithium-Ion battery provides first-class performance and professional quality. A generous running time is matched by a long service life and superb reliability, while the STIHL battery modular system enables battery packs to be used universally for all STIHL Cordless products, so once you have finished trimming the hedge, you can simply re-charge and get on with sawing wood, grass trimming or leaf blowing.

The environmentally conscious can take comfort in the fact that STIHL's Cordless range has no exhaust emissions, rare for products of the kind,  and in addition, all STIHL Cordless tools have a quiet running motor, ensuring a peaceful sleep-in for the whole neighbourhood over the summer holidays.

Cordless Chainsaw
Get more from STIHL's new Cordless Chainsaw – which gives you the freedom to use it where you want and when you want.  With powerful cutting performance and an easy to use trigger start, it's the ideal tool for builders, landscapers and homeowners. 

Cordless Blower
You'll be blown away by the convenience of STIHL's new quiet and efficient Cordless Blower.  The job has been made even easier thanks to its ergonomic design and multi-function handle meaning all the controls can be activated with one hand.

Cordless Hedgetrimmers
Tame your hedge with STIHL's powerful new Cordless Hedgetrimmers.  Engineered to minimise excessive noise and vibration, you can cut large surfaces or thick branches without compromising on raw cutting power.  And with a high stroke rate, cutting your hedge has never been so quick.

Cordless Linetrimmers
STIHL's new Cordless Linetrimmers are your best defence against overgrown lawns, shrubs and much more.  With an innovative design that sees the motor sit right above the mowing head, you'll get more power, more efficiently.  The ideal helper for both trimming and mowing jobs, it will cut through up to 22cm of grass to leave your with a perfectly manicured lawn.

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