, 09/30/2011

STIHL MS 271 and MS 291 chainsaws

The new all-rounders for farming, construction and gardening

Cutting firewood, sawing beams to length or tending stands of trees are just some of the applications for a chainsaw. The STIHL MS 271 and MS 291 are two new all-rounders on the market that take all these jobs in their stride. High power, clean and economical running, rugged construction and lots of equipment details make them the perfect choice for farming, gardening and landscaping, the construction site or home improvements – in short: for everyone who wants to use their chainsaw flexibly in various areas of work. The new chainsaws are available from STIHL authorized dealers now.

The STIHL MS 271 and MS 291 chainsaws are an ideal combination of power and convenience. Lots of practical equipment details make them reliable tools around the farm, on the fruit plantation, in parks and gardens and on the building site. The 2-MIX engine with scavenging offers convincingly good cutting power and high lugging power, at 2.6 and 2.8 kW respectively. At the same time the innovative engine technology is gentle on the owner's wallet as well as on the environment, as fuel consumption is up to 20 per cent lower and exhaust emissions are cut by as much as 50 per cent compared with conventional STIHL models without a 2-MIX engine. The machines thus already meet the strict EU II exhaust limits due come into force in 2012.

Long life and lots of convenience
The new chainsaws' rugged construction and high standard of finish are the basis for long service life. They are also characterized by convenience: the microprocessor-controlled ignition system makes starting easy. The professional STIHL anti-vibration system with Cellasto anti-vibration elements and special springs between the engine and the handle system reduces the vibrations generated by the engine and moving chain, so work is less fatiguing and requires less effort from the operator. This effect is enhanced by the low-vibration STIHL .325" Rapid Micro Comfort 3 saw chain, which also ensures smooth cutting behavior as well as good cutting and plunge-cutting performance. A special long-life air filter system with pre-separation doubles the filter life compared with previous models, thus ensuring appreciably longer maintenance intervals. The air filter, spark plug and cylinder fins are all located under a single cover for easy access when maintenance is needed. 

Additional equipment for individual requirements
As well as the basic versions, the STIHL MS 271 and MS 291 are also available with numerous other equipment features. The comfort models (C) are available with chain quick tensioning (B) and STIHL ErgoStart (E). The STIHL MS 291 C-BEQ is additionally equipped with the STIHL QuickStop Super chain brake (Q), which brings the chain to a stop in seconds if a sufficiently strong kickback occurs or if the front hand guard is actively operated, and also when the operator lets go of the rear handle. The brake is integrated into the rear handle without a separate lever and is activated effortlessly via the throttle trigger interlock. STIHL QuickStop Super operates in all working positions. That gives the user the assurance of an additional safeguard.

The new STIHL chainsaws are available from specialist dealers now.

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