, 09/01/2011

STIHL sucks away stress this spring

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After a day out at the beach or playing at the park, kids and adults alike tend to bring mementos of the day home with them, with stubborn remnants from dirty feet and footwear proving a pain to be rid of.

The STIHL SE61 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner will make light work of
this mundane task, giving you more time to get back into sunshine.

The versatile vacuum makes spring cleaning a low-fuss job, removing both liquid and dirt with ease. A catching container with 20 litre capacity allows for extended use, saving the hassle of emptying mid-clean.

Equipped with a 2.5 metre long aluminum suction hose, the STIHL SE61 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner is as light as standard plastic tubes, but considerably more robust and durable. Storage allows for its accessories such as the general-purpose floor tool and crevice tool to be neatly stowed away, yet immediately available when in demand.

The convenient filter cleaning system ensures consistently high performance without filter changes, and the removal of dust from the filter is completed with the push of a button.

With a filter bag made of nonwoven fleece as opposed to paper, a material more resistant to tearing, the system has an extended filter life.  (The filter bag is only used for dry surfaces and must be removed for wet vacuum use.)

In addition, purchase the STIHL Wet & Dry SE61 Vacuum Cleaner and receive a pack of five vacuum bags free.

STIHL Wet & Dry SE61 Vacuum Cleaner $395.00

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