User benefits

Ease of operation combined with the very latest technology

User benefits

Anyone who works on site every day knows what matters: delivering quality work as quickly as possible. With the STIHL TS 500i cut off machine with STIHL Injection electronically controlled fuel injection you have a reliable workmate at your side. The STIHL cut off machine combines precision, efficiency and ease of use with the very latest technology. That leaves you free to concentrate on the essential – your work.

Easy starting

The cut off machine's STIHL Injection system does away with need for a choke and a starting throttle position. Thanks to automatic cold/hot detection, only one starting position is needed. The controller's intelligent system uses data like external temperature, altitude and fuel grade to automatically calculate the quantity of fuel needed when starting. That makes starting easier than ever: Simply move the switch from 0 to I, purge, start the engine and open the throttle. No chance of operator error!

Optimum engine power

Thanks to the new STIHL Injection system the cut off machine's engine power is also world class in its own right, as the 3.9 kW rated STIHL TS 500i delivers 20% higher cutting performance than the STIHL TS 420 cut off machine. And it achieves that in almost the same space. In addition it has high torque over a wide engine speed range, and that perceptibly increases its lugging ability. The STIHL TS 500i is uncompromising when it comes to engine tuning, as well: When the operating conditions change the engine control unit keeps it running sweetly and accelerating smoothly.

Perfect handling

The high torque over a wide engine speed range makes the STIHL TS 500i insensitive to feed pressure. The STIHL TS 500i therefore pulls steadily and produces an even cut. The special top handle facilitates control during cuts that require a high level of precision. The absence of a carburetor makes the STIHL TS 500i a lightweight designed for tough demands. It really shows its strengths when working in confined conditions, thanks to its compact footprint and excellent power-to-weight ratio. In short, it provides precision control, leaving you free to concentrate fully on cutting.

Effective antivibration system

STIHL Injection makes the two-stroke power unit simpler again mechanically. The piston design has been simplified, making it lighter. As a result there is less oscillating mass in the cylinder and engine vibrations are decreased. In addition there are the proven spring elements to reduce the transmission of engine vibrations to the user's hands and arms. The vibration level is brought down to 2.4 m/s². That reduces operator fatigue and helps provide optimum control, even under the most difficult conditions.

Running diagnosis

All the cut off machine engine status data are continually measured while the unit is operating. The controller automatically records any irregularities in the electronic components and stores them in the memory. That enables any deviations to be diagnosed during machine operation and read out later. An advantage no other STIHL machine offers to date.

MDG 1 diagnosis

The MDG 1 engine diagnosis unit makes servicing more straightforward than ever. Simply connect up the MDG 1 to the cut off machine for an accurate diagnosis. All the electronic components are then checked with the aid of a special computer diagnosis program and the memory is read. That way, even occasional irregularities can be picked up and dealt with before they can develop into component failure. That ensures optimum servicing. We even give you that promise in writing – every diagnosis with the MDG 1 is documented by a completion record.

Engine diagnosis for greater efficiency

Saving time means saving money. Targeted servicing with the aid of the MDG 1 cuts the diagnosis time by 50% and frees up capacity in your servicing department. At the same time, rapid analysis permits targeted fault correction. The result is less delay, shorter downtimes and a faster return to work.

Electronically controlled fuel injection with STIHL Injection for greater efficiency

Automatic engine tuning cuts fuel consumption by up to 15% compared with the STIHL TS 420 cut off machine. And the 0.7 kW higher engine power enables more material to be cut in the same time using the same amount of fuel. Speedy work and ultra-precise cutting are a matter of course. Because the electronically controlled STIHL Injection fuel injection system automatically adjusts all the settings during machine operation, optimum power and smooth running are ensured. When it comes to ruggedness, too, the STIHL TS 500i sets new quality standards. Well thought out down to the last detail, it is consistently designed for heavy-duty construction site work. Top quality from STIHL that you can rely on.

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