STIHL cordless AK-System. Ready for any challenge.

The STIHL cordless AK-System is the flexible solution for ambitious garden work. You can find out everything you need to know about our high-performance long-life battery system here.

A woman standing in a garden in front of a stack of wood with power tools from the AK-System.
Orange battery icon for the AK-System

AK-System: one battery for every tool

The lithium-ion batteries in the AK-System are real powerhouses – quiet, powerful and easy to change. What makes them special is that they can be used with all the power tools within the system. Simply select the most appropriate of the three batteries, which offer different energy capacities, depending on the power you need for the job at hand. The LEDs on the batteries indicate the battery charge level at all times, meaning you can always see when the battery needs to be charged.

Batteries in the AK-System

Battery power in use  

The AK-System means efficient power and ease of use. STIHL AK batteries are easy to combine with all the cordless power tools in the system. From line trimmers to hedge trimmers, the AK-System includes what you need for many applications around the home and garden. 

Equipment and guides for your project

The right cordless power tool for every project: discover our STIHL power tools and their versatile applications in our guides

Other power tools in the AK-System

Would you like to test the power tools? You are welcome to come and try them out.

Flexible battery power: the power of the AK-System

Want to know how much you can do with a fully charged STIHL AK-System battery?  The table below provides examples of how the powerful AK batteries combined with our AK-System power tools will perform in your everyday work. 

Tool Usage AK 10
(72 Wh)
AK 20
(144 Wh)
AK 30
(180 Wh)
MSA 60 C-B When sawing square timber (10 x 10 cm) up to ... cuts Not recommended 120 cuts 150 cuts
MSA 140 C-B When sawing square timber (10 x 10 cm) up to ... cuts Not recommended Not recommended 180 cuts
HTA 50 When sawing square timber (10 x 10 cm) up to ... cuts 80 cuts 170 cuts 220 cuts
FSA 57 Lawn edges up to ... m
Up to … m2 of lawn
625 m
125 m2
1,250 m
250 m2
1,500 m
300 m2
FSA 60 Lawn edges up to ... m
Up to ... m2 of lawn
500 m
1,250 m
250 m2
1,500 m
300 m2
HSA 50 Up to … m2 of hedge 175 m2 350 m2 420 m2
HSA 60 Up to … m2 of hedge 120 m2 490 m2 560 m2
HLA 56 Up to … m2 of hedge 190 m2 380 m2 460 m2
BGA 57 Up to … m2 of dry leaves on asphalt 380 m2 760 m2 900 m2
SHA 56

In vacuum mode up to ... minutes and ... m2/

In blower mode up to ... minutes and ... m2

38 m2/
300 m2
75 m2/
600 m2
90 m2/
700 m2
RMA 235 Up to … m2 of lawn 150 m2 300 m2 400 m2
RMA 339/RMA 339 C Up to … m2 of lawn 120 m2 250 m2 330 m2
RMA 460/RMA 460 V Up to … m2 of lawn 120 m2 200 m2/ 168 m2 265 m2/ 218 m2

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